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The Dell Inspiron Duo Tips & Tricks – Part 2

January 1, 2011 6 comments

The 2nd thing to tackle on the Duo is the taskbar.

Problems with the default taskbar:

  1. Takes a lot of space on the screen.
  2. Often gets in the way.
  3. Start menu could use some tweaking.


Setting up the Taskbar:



Rightclick on the taskbar and go to properties.





Now you can change the size of the taskbar by checking to “Use small icons” and unlock the taskbar by unchecking “lock the taskbar”


other options are up to the user

“Aero Peek” works only in netbook mode, because you can’t hover your pointer when your in tablet mode.

“Auto-hide the taskbar” works fine in tablet mode however it is up to you whether you want it or not.


Don’t forget to click Apply













Now, not only is the taskbar smaller, you also have the ability to move the taskbar to any side of the screen. Additionally you can also manipulate the size of the touch keyboard button.




Rightclick on the taskbar again, and click on properties.


Click on the “Start Menu” tab and then click on customize.


This will bring up a configuration screen to tweak the start bar.










At this point it is up to the user to decide what you want to see on the start screen. These are a few things I did:


  • Unchecked “Highlight newly installed programs”
  • Unchecked “Help”
  • Displayed “Downloads” as a link.
  • Displayed “Videos” as a link.




Additionally you can adjust the menu size to your preference.


Remember to hit apply.





















On final note it is always great to drag your favorite programs to the top of the startbar, that way they are never more than two clicks away.


So there you go, you have given yourself a more flexible taskbar and startbar, one that is more suited for finger use.


Next post we will modify the Duo’s internet browsing experience, giving the ipad a run for its money.

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